Mystery at the Mansion

Mystery at the Mansion

Slot machine test: Mystery at the mansion

This game is something for mystery fans, because in a Villa, a murder was committed and it is to convict the perpetrators. There is a good Sleuth. And on the way to the resolution you can take one or the other winning in mystery at the mansion, which you can find with a magnifying glass. Net Entertainment has taken the classic scene of a murder case here and packed in an interesting slot machines, classic of Cluedo reminds of its theme and the graphics on the famous board game. But first and foremost you press you of course not as detective but as players in the Casino and for that you have to let neat spin the reels. As a reward, there are not only normal line winnings, but also as bonus and free spins. So there is a lot in mystery at the mansion to discover and track.

When you're ready, then you can start at any time with the games. The CasinoEuro Casino is, for you just a few clicks away especially if you play mystery at the mansion for free. Dealing with friends but also real money, then you can just before sign up and deposit money, so that you can then play bets with real money.

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Mystery at the mansion to play online

The slot game Mystery at the mansion

is but don't worry though of a murder case that must be clarified, because even without nose you will cope here, because is all about turning the reel at the end. On these rollers are the symbols of the game and you are there, so that there may be profits. Each motif is equipped with a function or a value and must be in a series or multiple times in a round so that the special property is used. When line winning the symbol value with your line bet is multiplied and thereby determines your rounds winnings.

The 25 paylines of mystery at the mansion are important because you choose your opportunities so that, because winning lines count only if they are at the same time on one of the lines. You must not play with all pay lines and can disable any many of them. Thus you would save overall usage, so that you again put could put line using something more.

The symbols appear is random, but rough you can assume that the more valuable icons have a lower chance to emerge. But this does not mean that they would not do it.

Slot game symbols in the mystery at the mansion online slot

Are the 10, J, Q and K not the most original of all symbols, but were also these motifs in the slot game Mystery at the mansion interesting designs and thus the entire theme adapt perfectly. Then it goes to evidence and potential murder weapons are also. A candle holder with a letter ensures the right mood, the gun has a single purpose of course and also the knife and the poison bottle are not without. The detective of game is a superseding wild symbol. Brings you the Villa from the outside as the older Mr free spins scatter bonus game, where even extra profits waiting for you starts for you.

Slot machines instructions by mystery at the mansion

In this topic you should keep always your eyes open. This is true but of course in a slot machines anyway, also when mystery at the mansion almost as by playing alone. But when adjusting the number of win lines you need to create own hand. This of course also applies to your usage. With a click on the paytable, you can see more closely again what icons bring what values and features.

Conclusion to the mystery at the mansion test

With the mystery at the mansion game machine a nice game machine have succeeded in net entertainment, because it takes such a common topic to the template and also converts. The symbols are good and the bonus game is also very special, because you have to decide for a killer and the weapon here.

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